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  Whether in the gym, the pool, or creating a Yoga posture, join in and keep yourself in shape in the company of these attractive NUDE instructors and their apt students, or ... simply ENJOY watching the others work up a natural sweat.

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All Nude Workout 1
Get into shape and keep fit nature's way. This first-ever All Nude Workout helps you shape and tone your body in the most natural, comfortable way possible.  Drop those heavy sweats - be natural.
Runtime ~ 55 minutes

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All Nude Workout 2
Our group of attractive models will teach you aerobic routines including Step and Heavy hand workouts.  Also includes a weight-training section on exercise machines plus ... a special section devoted to sexual fitness - a couples workout.
Runtime ~ 55 minutes


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Workout together!
  The benefits of physical exercise are well-known to enhance our outlook  on our life in general.  But all such exercise, whether in a class or practiced alone, focuses on just the individual.  Now, for the first time, a workout video designed strictly for couples.  As demonstrated, the partners use each other as balance points to stretch and tone.
Runtime ~ 55 minutes

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All Nude Workout 4-1
Naked Yoga vol. 1, Beginners level
Learn to de-stress and relax.
Filmed at H&E's club grounds at Christmas Pie Woods, this video gives clear instruction on a series of Yoga asanas (postures) suitable for beginners and continuing students.
Yoga is one of the best forms of exercise for toning the whole of your body. 
Runtime ~ 45 minutes

w/o 4-1

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All Nude Workout 4-2
Naked Yoga vol. 2, Intro to Power Yoga
In this, the second volume of Nude Yoga videos,
we watch a group going through a set of postures designed for anyone to adapt to everyday use. 
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Runtime ~ 45 minutes

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w/o 4-2
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All Nude Workout 5
Filmed at an indoor pool at Silverleigh Health Club in Kent, Lynn takes you through a happy and energetic water workout, gracefully leading a mixed class through basic toning, stretching and aerobic pool exercise.  Underwater shots of each exercise included.
Runtime ~ 45 minutes

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All Nude Workout 7
Boobs 'n Backs
This section of our Focused Workout Series concentrates on those exercises specifically aimed at strengthening and toning the chest, breast, and back areas. Join in with the Nude Workout teams as they take you through your paces in a range of movements taken from the whole of the Nude Workout series.  Runtime ~ 45 minutes

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All Nude Workout 8
Poolside Workout

On location in Las Vegas, Nevada, this title shows how a sexy college girl can have a great overall workout by the pool! Covers basic toning, stretching and aerobic exercises. 
Runtime ~ 45 minutes


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Double DVD!  2
for the price of 1
TOUCH is also an important aspect of overall health.  We all need the compassionate, if not also the passionate,  human touch. Learn how giving a loving massage can restore both partners. 
Runtime ~ 103 minutes

2 DVDs for 1


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An intimate insight into the current cult phenomena of piercing and tattooing, body painting and shaving/depilation scenes.  Body Piercing, the exotic art of decorating the human body, is depicted in the most graphic detail!  Watch as a "Prince Albert" ring is inserted through the end of a man's penis.  Body painting, tattooing, both ephemeral and permanent, and the sensual practice of Depilation (shaving) are also explored in explicit detail.  Runtime ~ 40 minutes

Note:  This is a very graphic video - not suitable for unsupervised
viewing by anyone under 18 years of age.


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The Heritage Video Classic Collection

David Ball was the premier video/journalist in the world of naturism.  From his full-length feature film, Educating Julie, to the many nudist clubs, camps and beaches documented in this collection, his quality films show the natural beauty and relaxing properties of nudism in all aspects.


1945 - 2003

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